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Vehicle Diagnostics

Since the introduction of the emissions regulations of 1993, all UK specification vehicles operate a fuel injection system that is controlled by an Electronic Control Unit (ECU).


The ECU controls many sensors throughout your vehicle, including safety features like ABS braking systems, airbag and seatbelt restraints and in later vehicles even the electronic windows and stereo systems.


From time to time these sensors, switches and control modules suffer faults. Due to the complex electronic structure of these systems, the use of a computerised diagnostic scanner is required to locate the fault recorded within the ECU system.


On some occasions you may see a lamp illuminated on the dashboard display, but this is not always the case and some vehicles use more complex systems.


JTT are able to carry out all diagnostic checks of all vehicles and retrieve information recorded as fault codes to assist the relative repair needed.


We have the very latest high tech diagnostic equipment and fully trained technicians.


Vehicle Diagnostics charge £45 plus VAT

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