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Motor won’t start? 3 signs your car battery probably needs changing

There's nothing worse than when your car won't start. Especially when it's reaching minus degrees outside and you’re in a rush.

And the most common reason for breakdowns in winter? A flat battery.

Unfortunately for drivers, your motor’s battery can die for a number of reasons. From a loose wire to old age and leaving your lights on, to a fault with one of the battery’s components. Plus, the frosty weather doesn’t help as when it’s cold, car batteries produce less electrical current.

So, what are warning signs to watch out for? To find out this and more – keep reading or get in touch with our experienced team of mechanics at Just the Ticket to book your motor in for a Battery Starting and Charging Test.

The warning signs

A flat battery is no fun. Not only can the cost for an emergency replacement battery be expensive, it’s a massive inconvenience too. Here’s a few things you might notice when starting your car:

1. It’s sluggish to start

Does your vehicle take its time to start? Does it also make a lot of clicking sounds? If you answered yes to both those questions, it could be a sign that your battery needs changing.

Generally speaking, a car’s battery lasts anywhere between four to five years. If you’re lucky, it can last longer than this. However, just like the AA batteries in your TV’s remote control, your car’s battery will need replacing at some point.

2. You have corrosion around your battery

Pop open the bonnet of your motor and conduct a visual check over the battery. Don’t touch anything – but specifically look out for any corrosion around your battery. It’s usually quite easy to notice as you’ll spot a build-up of chemicals around your battery terminals, posts or cables that are white, blue or green in colour.

This build-up essentially reduces the conduciveness of your battery. It can prevent your vehicle from starting and it could also damage other areas of your car – like your air conditioning and electrical wiring.

If your battery has corrosion, it’s time for the professionals to check it over.

3. Your car won’t start

The ultimate sign your battery needs some TLC. We’ve all been there. You’ve rushed out the house, clambered into the car and…your engine won’t start.

If this is the case, you might be able to jump start your car by carefully using jump leads and another vehicle with a fully-charged battery.

However we’d suggest acting now, and getting your motor’s battery checked before it gets to this point.

Leave it to the professionals

Don’t get caught short this winter! Book in for a Battery Starting and Charging Test today.

The team here at Just the Ticket will look over the starter motor, the alternator, and the battery on your vehicle to make sure it’s in good working order. Plus, if it’s visual, our mechanics will check the alternator belt too.

Drop us an email or give us a call to book in your vehicle today.

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