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We’ve expanded! Just the Ticket adds 2 new ramps for servicing and MOTs

Just the Ticket has been operating in the New Malden area since 2002. For more than 20 years, we’ve been servicing cars, conducting MOTs and fixing cars back to their best selves, while making sure they are roadworthy.

And as of February 2023, we have now expanded our business, taking on the unit next door to where our current garage is based.

We’ve stripped the second unit down, gutted it and added two new ramps. This means we now have a total of 10 ramps. We have three MOT ramps, two of which are suitable for class four vehicles (like your everyday car) and one we use for class 5 and 7 vehicles (like commercial motors and minibuses). While the general ramps will be used to conduct general repairs, servicing, and investigation work.

So no matter whether it’s a commercial fleet of vehicles that need looking over, or a car needs its MOT — our independent garage is able to offer a first-class service to the motorists of New Malden and beyond.

Here’s a quick run through of our most-used services:

1. We service cars

When was the last time you had your car serviced? Most manufacturers recommend servicing every 12 months or 12000 miles, whichever comes first.

Depending on what type of service you have, mechanics will check your oil filer, cambelt, your battery, check your brake pads and your tyre condition, amongst other things.

If you contact us at Just the Ticket we can tell you what’s required for your specific vehicle.

2. We conduct all types of repair work

Dings, dents and scratches are all part of modern-day driving. In fact, sometimes, you don’t even have to be driving for your car to suffer a scratch. Maybe a pebble has flicked up and hit your paint work, someone has hit your car with their door or you have, unfortunately, been in a major incident.

No matter how minor or major, we able to remedy the situation. If you can drive your car along to our New Malden garage, we can take a look at the damage and work out the cost for your repair.

3. Vehicle Diagnostics

Has a warning light popped up on your dash? Whatever you do — don’t ignore it! The electronic systems in modern cars are all fitted with sensors to monitor their status. And if they detect a problem, the driver is alerted by a warning light on the dashboard.

As a general rule of thumb, amber warning lights mean something needs to be checked by a professional, while red lights need immediate attention. If this sounds familiar — do get in touch as we are able to carry out all diagnostic checks of vehicles.

4. MOT Testing

Here at Just the Ticket, our trusted mechanics complete just under 100 MOTs a week.

From hatchbacks to electric cars — we’re constantly loading motors onto our MOT ramps to check that the cars meet the road safety and environmental standards.

During an MOT Test, DVSA approved testers (like Just the Ticket) will look at all the important functions of your car to ensure that they meet the legal requirements.

The cost of an MOT at Just the Ticket was £45. We have now cut the cost by just over £5, taking it down to £39.99. Get in touch today.

Got a problem with your vehicle? Speak to our friendly reception team to find out our mechanics can help.

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