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How much do you love Christmas? Take our very festive quiz to find out

Christmas is just around the corner. And here at Just the Ticket things are feeling festive. Yes, we’re still conducting services on vehicles, doing repairs and completing MOT testing and more. But that won’t stop us from getting into the spirit of all things Christmassy.

If your Christmas spirit needs fuelling, we’re sharing the magic with our festive quiz you and all the family can get involved with over the holiday season.

From Home Alone questions to festive songs that are dominating the charts. Plus, of course we’ve thrown in a few motor-related Qs to keep you guessing.

Keep scrolling to see the quiz. Good luck and just remember: no Googling!

The Just the Ticket Quiz is here

1. What day of the week did Christmas Day land on in 2019?

2. Which animal features in the Lamborghini logo?

3. What’s the make of the Knight Rider car?

4. What is the name of Bob Cratchit’s youngest child in the book, A Christmas Carol?

5. What’s your star sign if you were born on Christmas Day?

6. Tell us, what colour is Mr Bean’s car?

7. Which song plays out the end credits of the film Die Hard?

8. Who played Kris Kringle in the 1994 film Miracle on 34th Street?

9. What’s the make of the car in Back to the Future?

10. How old was Kevin in the 1990 Christmas comedy film Home Alone?

11. What do American’s call reindeers?

12. When do electric cars become compulsory in the UK?

13. What time each year does the Queen broadcast her Christmas speech to the nation?

14. What does BMW stand for?

15. On the fifth day of Christmas what new items did my true love give to me?

16. Who owns Teslar?

17. What Italian cake is offered typically during Christmas?

18. Which item of clothing brought Frosty the Snowman back to life?

19. Which festive song is the biggest-selling single in UK chart history not to reach number one?

20. What is Batman’s car called?

How did you do?

Click here for the answers. Plus, don't forget to drop us an email to let us know your score out of 20. We look forward to seeing!

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