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How do you know when your air conditioning needs regassing?

Spring, is that you? With the lighter mornings and rising temperatures, it’s clear to see the new season is rolling its way round.

Which is why, we’re now encouraging motorists to get themselves into gear and consider getting their vehicles regassed. Let’s face it – how many times have you switched on the air conditioning in your car at the first sign of warm weather to find hot stale air coming from the system? We’ve all been there.

So get ahead of the rush – and before the temperatures start to soar – by booking in to get your air con regassed today. If you do so, we’ll also throw in a Spring Safety Check and you’ll pay just £75* (inclusive of VAT) for both services.

The importance of getting your air con regassed

In many newer makes and models of cars, a handy warning light might flash up. However, in many older cars, there’s no way to know you’ve got a problem with your air con until it’s too late.

So, if you’ve got an older vehicle, watch out for these signs:

1. Your air con starts to smell – this could be down to a dirty pollen filter or build up. When we service the air conditioning, we’ll include an antibacterial treatment and we’ll check the pollen filter.

2. Your air con blows cool or warm air instead of cold

3. Water is leaking from your air conditioning

How often should you get car regassed?

Generally speaking, it’s recommended to regas your system every two to three years to ensure it has oil in it to lubricate and the correct gas level to avoid running the compressor under stress of low gas.

Plus, a poorly charged air con system will make the engine work harder and affect fuel economy. And with fuel prices reaching record highs, it really is worth getting our trained technicians to give your vehicle the once over.

A system regas is always the first place to start if your air con system is not working. However, there are reasons why your air con system may not work after a regas. It could be to do with pressure sensor faults or electrical issues.

Either way, get in touch with our team at Just the Ticket to find out more or to talk through any problems you are having with your vehicle. We’d be happy to help get your car back on the road to recovery.

*Pricing is subject to the type of gas your vehicle requires.

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