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Get 10% off MOTs at Just the Ticket to help with cost of living

Booking an MOT after your car has been on the roads for three years isn’t optional – it’s a legal requirement.

But under new government proposals, annual MOTs could be scrapped and replaced with a check every two years.

This comes after the idea was shared with senior party members by Transport Secretary, Grant Shapps at a cabinet meeting at the end of April.

The reason being? Inflation is at a 30-year high, fuel prices are continuing to rise, and now household bills are increasing quicker than before.

What’s the latest

At present no official changes have been implemented by the government and the current MOT rules remain in place.

However, here at Just the Ticket, we have cut our MOT prices by more than 10% to try to tackle the rising cost of living.

Paul Onslow Cole, co-founder of Just the Ticket, says: “We think the better way to tackle the ongoing cost of living crisis is to bring the price of MOTs down. Not reduce how often motorists must take their car to be MOT tested.

“Yes, you might be saving people an extra £45 to £55 a year. But you are potentially giving them higher costs later down the line, while adding to the number of more dangerous cars on the road. The whole reason you have an MOT once a year is to make sure your vehicle is roadworthy.”

Before, the cost of an MOT at Just the Ticket was £45. We have now cut the cost by just over £5, taking it down to £39.99.

Paul adds: “We took this step as we realise that people are going to be affected by the current economic climate and we want to try and help our customers.”

What is an MOT?

Under current regulations, vehicles older than three years old must have an up-to-date MOT certificate every year. The standard cost for cars is around £55 and £30 for motorbikes.

The MOT test checks that your vehicle – whether it’s a car, motorcycle or bus – meets all the road safety and environmental standards.

Without a valid MOT Certificate, your vehicle insurance is invalid and it’s illegal for you to drive on public roads without an up-to-date one.

What does it check?

During an MOT Test, DVSA approved testers will look at all the important functions of your car to ensure that they meet the legal requirements.

This includes:

· Body or vehicle structure and general items

· Fuel system

· Exhaust emissions

· Exhaust system

· Seat belts

· Seats

· Doors

· Mirrors

· Load security

· Brakes

· Tyres and wheels

· Registration plates

· Lights

· Bonnet

· Wipers and washers

· Windscreen

· Horn

· Steering and suspension

If everything’s in safe and working order, our mechanics will provide you with a MOT Certificate, which proves your vehicle is safe to drive.

But if there are any mechanical issues that would prevent a pass, then we will provide you with an itemised account of any work required to bring the vehicle up to standard.

Need to book an MOT? Visit our friendly New Malden garage or book in a test today.

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