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Fixing car dents, dings and scratches: we’ll get your motor back to its best

Any guesses for what accounts for around 250,000 car journeys every morning in London? It’s the unavoidable early morning school run.

But with higher volumes of traffic on the road and more stressed-out drivers behind the wheel, comes more problems. According to research by insurance giant Admiral, rush hour accounts for almost half of all accidents on the UK’s road – with the highest volume of accidents recorded during the 8am to 9am rush hour window.

‘Dents are all part of modern-day driving’

“Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for cars to suffer a small ding, dent or scratch,” Dave Ellis, manager at Just the Ticket says.

“Especially when you’re crawling along in bumper-to-bumper traffic. Nowadays you don’t even have to be moving for your motor to be damaged. You could be parked in a tight school parking spot or another driver or child could open their door into your car. It’s all part of modern-day driving.”

So, with the school holidays in sight, now could be the perfect time to give your motor an A+ makeover, by buffing out those scuffs or repairing dents with filler.

Repairing your car back to its best

Here at Just the Ticket, we do all our bodywork on site. Just come into our main reception and we will arrange an inspection with a free estimate.

No matter how small the scuff is or significant the damage, our talented team of body shop mechanics can revamp your car back to its best self and make it roadworthy.

We know and understand it might be tempting to leave your car scuffed. But it can actually make things worse.

We’ve spoken before about how damage to your car – no matter how small – can impact your vehicle. From rust to roadworthiness and even its resale value, there’s a lot to be said for getting your paintwork looking pristine and perfect again.

Our bodyshop services

We can fix:

  • Small scuffs – maybe a pebble has flicked up and hit your paint work, someone has hit your car with their door, or you’ve discovered a deep scratch on the body of your car where there is metal visible. Either way our professional team can remedy the situation.

  • Panels or body parts – we see plenty of cars rolling around with dents and areas of damaged body parts that might require replacing. But that’s ok. Our pros take all that in their stride. We can refit headlights, replace front and rear panels and buff out disfigured bonnets and more. The list goes on.

  • Cars that have been in major accidents – it’s not just accidental scuffs or small run-ins with bollards we fix. We also restore a number of vehicles that have unfortunately been in more major accidents. If you are able to drive your car along to our New Malden garage we can take a look at the damage and work out the cost.

Getting your car back to its best

Is your car in need of repair? Get an estimate from us before going through your insurance as it may be less than you excess. If you go through your insurance it will affect your policy cost for the next 5 years.

Give us a call on 02083361111 or drop us an email to find out more.

Along with dings, dents, scuffs and scratches, we are also able to replace clutches, conduct MOTs and service your vehicle.

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