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Car ownership: 5 top tips for new drivers to keep in mind

For many, learning to drive is a rite of passage. One day you’re a passenger and the next, you’re swapping your L plates for a license, picking up a set of car keys and getting behind the wheel, ready to take charge.

According to research, spring marks one of the highest months for successful driving test pass rates.

So, to try and keep new motorists safe on the road, and instil confidence as they step into their car ownership journey, we’ve pulled together some top tips to keep in mind.

1. Buy a used car from a trusted seller

Passed your test? Ready to invest in a second-hand motor? Congratulations.

The stats released by the AA show that 74% of drivers would rather invest in a used set of wheels, with the more appealing price being the driving force.

But while a used car might be more affordable, it could cost you more in the long run if you don’t purchase your vehicle from an approved or trusted seller.

We’ve spoken before about how important it is to buy a used car from a trusted and approved seller.

Why? Generally speaking, approved used cars from a trusted dealer come with a warranty. Approved sellers also get their mechanics to check over the motor to make sure everything is in working order before deeming the car fit to be resold. You don’t want to buy a second-hand car and a week later discover there’s a broken coil spring or a wheel bearing is about to ping off.

2. Always check your tyre pressure

There’s never a right time to drive around with flat tyres.

But with fuel prices continuing to rise, now is not the time to let your tyre pressures run low. The lower your tyre pressure is, the more fuel you’ll need to use to move your motor.

3. Stick to the speed limit

This goes without saying.

And along with keeping yourself safe, this will help to keep pedestrians and other motorists safe.

Plus, sticking to the speed limit can also help you make your fuel go further. It’s been proven that driving at 80mph on a motorway instead of 70mph uses up to 25% more fuel.

4. Remember to book in for an MOT

A MOT test checks that your vehicle – whether it’s a car, motorcycle or bus – meets all the road safety and environmental standards.

An MOT isn’t optional. It’s a legal requirement for you to drive on public roads. Without a valid MOT Certificate, your vehicle insurance is invalid. If you’re unsure about when was the last time your car had its MOT, and when its certificate runs out, you can use this online service. You just need to insert the vehicle’s registration number, so make sure you have that at hand.

5. Find a reliable garage

Can’t remember how to top up your oil? Forgotten how to check your water? Here at Just the Ticket, no question is a silly question.

At JTT we have built an excellent reputation with local motorists, and we are now considered to be one of the best vehicle repair and servicing centres in New Malden and the surrounding areas of Surrey.

As an independent company and, being owner managed, we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality vehicle services with a personal touch.

Get in touch

Whether it’s a question or query, get in touch. Or, if you’ve already bought your new set of second-hand wheels – we’re happy to give your used car a once over to make sure everything’s in working order.

Bring your new ride down to our New Malden garage within 7 days of purchasing it from a used-car dealership or private seller and we can conduct a used car purchase check.

If something’s not quite right, under the Consumer Rights Law, you have 30 days after purchase to reject the goods. So, it’s well worth your time.

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