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Bodywork repairs: why you should restore your car back to its best self

When it comes to driving, we know accidents can happen. Be it a pothole you have tried to swerve, bollard you have reversed into, or unfortunately, you have been involved in a larger crash. Sometimes, through no fault of your own, dings and dents are a part of modern-day driving.

According to the latest 2023 figures released by the Department for Transport (dfT), Surrey saw a combination of 2,480 accidents across a 12 month period. A total of 597 of Surrey’s crashes were deemed as ‘serious’ and 1,859 were classed as ‘slight’. While fatal collisions accounted for 24 accidents.

Is it worth fixing dents on your car?

Absolutely. We’ve spoken before about the benefits of restoring your car back to pristine condition. For example, if you don’t address the damage to your paintwork then it could get worse over time as more paint chips or flakes away. And once the metal is exposed, there’s a danger of rust.

You may also have plans to sell your car or you need to hand your motor back to the leasing company. So don’t delay — it’s best to get things fixed sooner rather than later.

Here at Just the Ticket, we have our own state of the art body shop, where we can carry out repairs to all makes of cars and vans. From small scratches to major accident damage.

Get an on the spot quote

Has your vehicle been in an accident? Or have you clipped the wing mirror and it now needs replacing?

At Just the Ticket, we don’t just do the small stuff. If you are still able to drive your motor into our repair shop in New Malden, then our body shop professionals will be happy to take a look.

Wondering what we repair?

No job is too big or small. We repair:

  • Clipped wing mirrors

  • Bumper scuffs

  • Panel damage

  • Stone chips

  • Minor dents

  • Vandal scratches

  • Paint blemishes

  • Bumper dents

The list goes on. So, whatever the damage, if you bring your vehicle along to Just the Ticket in New Malden, we can assess the damage and work out the cost. For more information, speak to our reception team on 0208336 1111, drop us an email or just pop in. Find us here.

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