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Bodywork repairs: do you need to repair your car ding or dent?

We all want to keep our vehicles looking their best.

But sometimes carpark dings, scrapes to the bumper or scratches to the paintwork are an unavoidable part of modern-day driving.

According to the latest research from Which?, more than a third of drivers have had their car dinged, dented, scratched or scraped whilst it was parked. In fact, the three most common locations for parked cars to suffer damage were all in carparks including those at supermarkets, train stations and airports.

Annoying stuff if your car is your pride and joy! Or perhaps you use your vehicle for business – a bashed-up van doesn’t really portray the right image. Plus, as tempting as it can be to put them off, leaving your car damaged for longer can actually make it worse. Think about these three Rs:

Rust – if you don’t address damage to your paintwork then it could get worse over time as more paint chips or flakes away. And once the metal is exposed, there’s a danger of rust.

Roadworthiness – it may look like a cracked bumper, but it’s always worth making sure that there’s no damage that you can’t see. Safety first!

Resale – what if you decide to sell? You’ll either need to invest in repairing a vehicle that you’re about to part with, or you open yourself up to prospective buyers using any dings and dents to knock you down on price.

Here at Just the Ticket, we have a talented team of body shop mechanics who are on hand to restore your cars and vans to their best – no matter if it’s a small scuff or more significant damage.

Small scuffs

Vehicle scratches and scuffs can be the result of anything from loose pebbles hitting the paint work, careless motorists whacking the car with their own door or even you inadvertently hitting a small bollard that certainly wasn’t visible in your rear-view mirror! If the damage has gone deeper than the base coat and into the primer or metal body panel, you might want to get a professional to take a look and get your paintwork looking perfect again.

Refitting panels or body parts

Sometimes the dent or damage might take a bit more than the elbow grease required to simply buff or smooth out the imperfection. Thankfully, our body shop pros can refit bonnets, bumpers, rear wheel arches, headlights and front and rear panels – to name a few.

Larger jobs

Has your vehicle been in an accident? At Just the Ticket, we don’t just do the small stuff. If you are still able to drive it then our body shop professionals at the workshop in New Malden will be happy to take a look.

Whatever the damage, if you bring your vehicle along to Just the Ticket in New Malden, we can assess the damage, work out the cost and, in most cases, give you an on the spot quote.

In the current climate, we can also collect and return your car if you are self-isolating. Plus, all car keys, door handles, steering wheels and other interior surfaces of the car are sanitised with anti-bac before the car is handed back to you. Our mechanics also wear gloves throughout the inspections.

For more information, speak to our reception team on 0208336 1111, drop us an email or just pop in. Find us here.

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